SomaticEros Initiation one1one

intimate, playful and experiential.
one or two way touch for liberating love,  desires and transforming eros, based on the dynamics of  Somatic Consent.

5 hours, in a package of a full day - 300 euro / hour

Tailor and suit your Initiation between 5-15 hours in 1 - 3 sessions based on your needs and desires from 1 - 3  full day's.

The sessions starts with a relaxed talk about your sexual history and present situation and desired outcome. Together we co-create the direction for the physical part of the session to give you the most liberating result. This could include anything created out of the moment. Invites you to practice techniques further in a safe and loving environment, expanding your ability to receive and trust yourself and fully love the sexual being that you are.

We will arrange further days in person after day 1

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