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I am a pleasure revolutionary. All my agreements are based on Somatic Consent. I live what I teach and teach what I live.

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Explore your unique self – what brings you joy, pleasure and transformation in your life and relationships. Join me for a Workshop, Retreat, Cuddle Party or other event.

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Find out about Empowerment Sessions for individuals and couples. You choose what you want to receive. I provide safety, authenticity and confidentiality.

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What Others Are Saying

β€œThe work Matt shares is extremely important. With his open and simple approach, he was able to turn my world and beliefs upside down in no time. He is able to teach very deep, interesting teachings in a way so i could understand by experiencing and feeling it in my bodie. To me this is the basic missing link to many trainings/teachings I did before. I would advise everyone to learn from Matt to have a firm foundation in knowledge and skills to build on.”