"My deepest longing is that every single human may access their infinite capacity of oneness through lovemaking, to experience the union within and to be able to share that with another, this is one of the greatest gifts that make living in a physical body worthwhile."

If any of these questions resonate with you and ewoke a 'yes', you are here in the rigth place!

Somatic Eros is a Journey to Conscious Sensuality and Sexual Wholeness.

Somatic Eros represents a profound journey into the depths of our sensual and sexual essence. It’s an invitation to individuals and couples to bravely explore their deepest core, where lies the potential for true freedom and an integrated experience of oneness with life. This approach transcends traditional views of sexuality, merging eros, mind, and spirit to embrace life holistically.

At its heart, Somatic Eros challenges the conventional narratives surrounding sexuality. It recognizes sexual energy as a fundamental force underpinning our existence, fueling not just physical pleasure but our overall state of being. This perspective acknowledges that, historically, sexual energy was revered and utilized as a pathway to higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

In contemporary society, where sexual energy is often misunderstood, misused, or shrouded in negativity, Somatic Eros offers a transformative path. It seeks to reclaim the purity and natural phenomenon of sexual energy, guiding individuals to cultivate this energy towards a higher state of consciousness. This journey involves transcending beyond mere physical pleasure to a more profound state of wholeness and blissful ecstasy.

Somatic Eros also addresses the societal and cultural constructs that have led to a distortion of sexual energy, recognizing the need to heal and transform these influences. It proposes a path where sexual energy is not just a means for physical gratification but a sacred tool for personal and spiritual growth, leading to a life filled with beauty, love, and transcendence.

In essence, Somatic Eros is about embracing our sexual nature as a positive, life-affirming force, using it not just for physical enjoyment but as a gateway to deeper self-awareness, spiritual connection, and a harmonious state of being.

Your Benefits:

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Deepens understanding of your body and emotions.

Improved Relationships: Foster healthier, more respectful interpersonal connections.

Emotional Healing: Addres and heal past traumas.

Increased Mind-Body Connection: Strengthens your integration of physical sensations with emotional and spiritual well-being.

Empowered Autonomy: Encourages your personal empowerment and boundary setting.

Spiritual Growth: Facilitates your journey towards spiritual awakening and consciousness.

Sexual Fulfillment: Enhances your sexual experiences, moving beyond agenda oriented pleasure to deeper satisfaction.

Reduced Stress: Offers you relaxation and stress relief through mindful engagement with the body.

Cultural Change: Advocates for a positive shift in societal perceptions of sexuality and consent


The foundation of My work is based on the Somatic Consent Engagement Sysytem ‚Äď a foundational tool for all human relating, personal and spiritual development. I offer a safe space where you are in charge of your experience.


All of My sessions are confidential. I create a space for you to feel accepted and comfortable. I promote authenticity, truth and always welcome the whole you, just as you are.


Whether you are participating in a one-on-one session, a workshop or something else, you will have many opportunities to identify desires and personal limits and practice communicating them.

Who I am

Matt Schwenteck

In each session, you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards deeper self-awareness and connection. Expect a safe, respectful space where you are guided to explore the realms of your own sensations and emotions. Through mindful practices and empathetic guidance, you’ll learn to tune into your body’s wisdom, discovering your personal boundaries and desires.

What Others Are Saying

I’ve seen Matt is creating a completely relaxed, safe space within minutes. He express and encourage people to be completely themselves and take care of their needs. He live it himself as well when he teach or facilitate a workshop, which makes it very natural and easy for the participants to do so as well."