"My deepest longing is that every single human may access their infinite capacity of oneness through lovemaking, to experience the union within and to be able to share that with another, this is one of the greatest gifts that make walking this earth in a physical body worthwhile."

What is Somatic Eros?

To treat different people similar, we need to treat every individual unique.

I am a students of life and passionate about expressing love, play and connection in the world through the power of  Somatic Consent.

Somatic Eros offers guidance for individuals and couples who bravely wish to journey into their deepest core. It is here within our purest essence, that we will be completely free to experience our natural state of being and integrated oneness in surrender to life. Somatic Eros is the holistic way of life, linking eros, mind and spirit into living life as a whole. Polarities of good and evil, pure and impure, matter and spirit are done away with as unnecessary barriers to a direct experience of self as presence. With great finesse, we uses material reality for spiritual unfoldment. Everything is perfect as it is; the limitations that exist are within the mind. We use this limitations to open to the reality we choose to life in.

With all the negative views about sex in our lives it becomes vitally important to explore the depths of this misunderstood, yet pure and natural phenomenon, from a new perspective.

We came into being through the act of sexual intercourse. While we are in a body, this energy underpins much of our lives. Whether we recognize it or not, sexual energy fuels most of our existence.

Unfortunately, most of us have lost or misused the special ingredient of the energy that moves us beyond mere physical pleasure to a deeper and more satisfying state of wholeness. At one time, long before political correctness permeated our culture, humans cultivated sexual pleasure to transcend into higher dimensions of consciousness. Millennia ago, people achieved a higher degree of consciousness,  Chi, Ki, vital force, Kundalini, using it to enter a state of divinity. Their spiritual philosophy held sexuality as a divine rite, an expression of union or yoga.

Sexuality touches every part of our lives, and it’s sad that this most pleasurable life affirming phenomenon, the act of creating our very birth, is today tainted with fear, abuse, and general negativity.

In contemporary society, neurosis and deviant behavior has almost become the norm. Our present social and cultural structure supports separation and has created division among individuals and nations, manifesting in violence, war and in general a world without beauty and love. Western culture uses sex for manipulation – sexy models are used to sell cars, soap and other products – while at the same time suppressing genuine sexual expression. By making sex so powerful, we have also created the perfect environment for neurosis, sexual misconduct and violence. In Uniquetantra you learn to cultivate your sexual energy into a higher state of consciousness. instead of ending sex with peak experiences, you learn with specific tools and techniques how you can reach a space of blissful ecstasy beyond peak orgasms and sexual restriction. When sexual energy is free and used consciously, there is no limit to the human capacity for transcendence.

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Safety & Consent

The foundation of My work is based on the Somatic Consent Engagement Sysytem – a foundational tool for all human relating, personal and spiritual development. I offer a safe space where you are in charge of your experience.


All of My sessions are confidential. I create a space for you to feel accepted and comfortable. I promote authenticity, truth and always welcome the whole you, just as you are.

Desires & Limits

Whether you are participating in a one-on-one session, a workshop or something else, you will have many opportunities to identify desires and personal limits and practice communicating them.

Who I am

I am a trained facilitator in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. My passion is to guide individuals and…

What Others Are Saying

"I’ve seen Matt is creating a completely relaxed, safe space within minutes. He express and encourage people to be completely themselves and take care of their needs. He live it himselve as well when he teach or facilitate a workshop, which makes it very natural and easy for the participants to do so as well."

- Workshop Participant, Amsterdam, Holland

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