Code of Conduct

The code of conduct supports clear boundaries and hygiene practices. You are supported in addressing sexual trauma or a history of sexual abuse to clear the energy blueprint. There is no intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids in any private session or retreat.
Please feel free to contact Matt if you have any questions.

Unique Tantra Energy & Bodywork
Daka or Dakini work is highly individualized and guided through the art of Tantra, Somatic Embodiment and The Somatic Consent Engagement System.

Is a wonderful way to address all kinds of sexual challenges, ranging from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction to not being able to orgasm readily. Couples can learn to navigate sexual differences and explore new erotic possibilities with body-based learning and guided practice shares through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self. These experiences may include coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based exploration about sex. Uniquely in the profession, i am trained to do genital and anal touch for education, healing and pleasure. Touch happen in ways that support clients in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness, and learning how the body can feel more alive.

The experiential learning opportunities available through Unique Tantra Energy & Bodywork can support you to engage in a respectful dialogue with your autonomic nervous system, so that physical and emotional processes that usually happen to us can be held in mindful awareness, and transformed. Love and fear, excitement and relaxation, arousal and happiness, reverence and bliss all have biochemical and physiological components that can be regulated, with training and conscious practice over time.

We all set limits on the quantity and quality of pleasure we can embody. Limits to pleasure are ubiquitous in a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honour and celebrate erotic energy. Sexual wounding becomes embedded in the body’s tissues and responses. Unique Tantra Energy & Bodywork can assist you in expanding the pleasure that is possible through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There are many other reasons you might choose to see us
To seek healing and guidance around challenges, related to your sexuality, relationships and intimacy.
To expand pleasure, to learn, grow and explore your sexual potential with the support of an expert.

Practice guideline of sexual work, based on personal experience
Educational Sexual Bodywork modalities include masturbation coaching, erotic massage, breathwork, anal/vulval mapping, scar tissue remediation, orgasmic yoga coaching, sensate focus and pelvic floor release. A growing area of interest is in gender reassignment and bringing sensation to areas that may have been rendered numb or painful by surgery. There is a focus on transformation through regular practice, hence a number of sessions may be recommended and home practice will usually be given to support your sessions.

Tantric massage including a full body massage, integrating the genitals, with a focus on connecting deeply to the body, the spirit, the connection between heart and sex. People receive Tantric massage for pleasure or for healing and often the two go hand in hand. Sessions may or may not include orgasm however they are traditionally not orgasm or goal orientated. There will be variation in whether i am undressed or how much i integrate my body. Sessions do not include oral or penetrative sex.

NB: With the increase in popularity of Tantric Massage, there are many erotic massage practitioners and escorts who may describe their work as ‘Tantric’, however this is not reflective of what i am offering. I advise discernment!

Sacred & Conscious Kink these are sessions with BDSM a term that stands for ‘Bondage, Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism’ and includes playing with power dynamics, fantasy, fetish, and intense sensation. These can be for pleasure (and pain!), adventure and/or healing. I have have a clear focus on intimacy and transformation. I offer opportunities for sexual exploration that follows a spiritual path with the primary intention that of supporting the client’s healing. I engage in intimacy as a representative and gateway to the divine rather than as an individual man or woman.

Hands on/Hands off
Do you want to work where there is touch or physical intimacy included in the session or not ? It may be less outside your comfort zone to have talk-based sessions. Male/female/other You might feel safer or more comfortable either with a practitioner of the same or different gender to you or with both genders present. Or, if you feel the themes you bring with you to a session are around interacting with members of a specific gender.

Professional Training & Education
You might want to research what training and education I have participated in my history. You might also want to enquire about references or testimonials written by past clients. Before you make contact, make sure you’ve read all the information on the website and that you try and answer any questions you have this way first. You may wish to consider the amount of information you want me to know about you. Please give a brief outline of what draws you to a session. If you don’t feel comfortable emailing sensitive information, i am happy to have a short introductory phone/skype call with you. Feel free to ask exactly what would happen in a session and what the boundaries are.
Medical advice
Depending on the nature of what you are seeking support with, it may be a good idea to see a doctor first, to make sure that there is no medical condition present. We encourage appropriate communication between clients and their current or recent therapists.