DMT and Sexuality: The spiritual highway in life

I took the challenge to put the topic into a 7 minute video. It is still a linear description of inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional, every topic of the movie (Tantra, DMT, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality, Love, Oxytocin, Chanting, Touch, Yoga Meditation, Orgasmic Kundalini) has infinite depth and is woven into each other. Enjoy watching.

From the Book:
“DMT – The Spiritual Molecule”

“Rick Strassman discuss the two theories of pineal gland function in humans, the melatonin model and the DMT model, it is time to venture into analyzing the implications of these opposing paradigms. He described how the pineal gland, by way of melatonin, inhibits reproductive function. further he hypothesize that pineal DMT opens our senses to profound psychedelic experiences. It is as if within the pineal gland there is a powerful dynamic or tension between the two roles it may play—one spiritual and the other sexual.

It’s fascinating to note that many religious disciplines believe celibacy is necessary to attain the highest spiritual states. The explanation for this idea is that sexual activity diverts the energy required for full spiritual development. One chooses either the life of the flesh or the life of the spirit. Nevertheless, celibacy isn’t consistent with reproduction, and there is a conflict between the continuity of the species and the antisexual attainment of reaching the greatest flowering of the individual spirit. This conflict may be played out biologically in the pineal gland.

Valuable resources may go to the formation of either the reproductively important melatonin or the spiritually indispensable DMT, the hormone of darkness or the chemical of inner light. However, this opposition may be more apparent than real. Consider the possibility that pineal DMT release mediates sexual ecstasy, resulting from the strenuous exertion, hyperventilation, and intense emotions of the sex act. Psychedelic features do emerge at orgasm. In fact, the highly pleasurable effects of sexually activated DMT production may be one of the major factors motivating reproductive behaviour.

Practitioners of Tantra attempt to achieve the best of both these worlds. This spiritual discipline recognizes that sexual excitation and orgasm produce highly ecstatic states, and therefore uses sexual intercourse as a meditative technique. By combining sex and meditation, Tantric practitioners access states of consciousness not available with either practice alone. Pineal DMT release, stimulated by both deep meditation and intense sexual activity, may then result in especially pronounced psychedelic effects. There is a third element that ties together reproduction and higher consciousness, the energetic matrix within which is played out these competing pineal priorities. This is spirit, or the life-force”.

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