Direct Pleasure and Indirect Pleasure

Direct pleasure Don’t we all know the intuitive feeling when in an interaction something is not right, and we can’t really put our finger onto it…? that’s what this video is about, separating doing from giving and finding deeper level of receiving. it is related to every interaction in life and multidimensional.

Sex and the Eight-Circuit Brain

The following is excerpted from The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body (Vertical Pool Publishing). The eight-circuit grid can be used to track, read, and otherwise discover the great variety of human sexual response. As long as we remember that sex, like Life itself, is messy at best –– and will never conform […]

DMT and Sexuality: The spiritual highway in life

I took the challenge to put the topic into a 7 minute video. It is still a linear description of inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional, every topic of the movie (Tantra, DMT, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality, Love, Oxytocin, Chanting, Touch, Yoga Meditation, Orgasmic Kundalini) has infinite depth and is woven into each other. Enjoy watching. From the Book: […]